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Pakistani Model Adnan Malik Biography, Career And Mother

Adnan Malik
~Adnan Malik Biography:
Adnan Malik is the most popular Pakistani Actor, Model, Director, Music Director, Film Maker and Former VJ. He is a guy with multiple talents. He is just an amazing is all of his jobs. He was born on 9 June 1984 As in 2016 his age is 32 years. He is very young and he has a bright future. He is not an actor by birth but he can do it very well. As he is very handsome so he accept offers for the amazing drama "Sadqey Tumhare" and become more famous because of his amazing acting skills. Adnan Malik was born in Islamabad. His father is a successful doctor and his mother Parveen Malik is a TV actress. His brother is also in this field as you know the director "Saqib Malik". He is not interested in Economic but because of his parents pressure he gets admission in it but after some time he dropped out and then according to his wish he gets admission in Film making.
~Adnan Malik Career:
When he gets admission in Film Making he become very serious about his studies as he wants to become a great person who is known by everyone. While studying this he make his debut documentary "Why We Fight" the best documentary of America in 2005. When he complete his studies then he ,make documentary on "Bijli" and gets too much popularity. Adnan Malik gets very fame and popularity because of his great documentaries.  As you know he is multi talented he is also a mode with amazing features and tall height. He has done modeling for different famous brands. 
He has done many commercials also and direct many commercials as well. Adnan Malik did not know that he is an amazing actor but our amazing producer Momina Duraid insist him to do acting for her drama serial on Hum TV. He did not think so he can do act but fortunately he blessed with amazing directors and producer who polish him and tell him that he is an amazing actor. He plays the role of Khalil in that drama. That beautiful story is written by one and only amazing writer of Pakistan "Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar".
~Adnan Malik's Mother:
Adnan Malik With Mother And Brother
Adnan Malik is the son of the most amazing actress Parveen Malik. She has done many amazing dramas in her time now she plays the role of mothers in dramas and the man in this picture is his brother who is director "Saqib Malik".
~Adnan Malik's Documentaries:
*Bhooli Hui Hoon Daastan
*Socail Circus
*Telephone Pyaar
~Adnan Malik's Music Videos and Short Films:
*Mera Bichra Yaar
*Phir Milli Tanhai
*My Punjabi Love For You
*Phir Se Game Utha Dain
*Love is in the Air
~Adnan Malik's Dramas:
*Sadqey Tumhare
*Dill Banjaara

Monday, 10 October 2016

Pakistani Female Celebrities And Their Look Alikes

There are many people who looks similar because they look like each other. There are many Pakistani Celebrities who have their look alike Bollywood actors. Here we are telling about female celebrities and their look alike.
1- Arij Fatyma and Kriti Sanon
Arij Fatyma Look Alike
Arij Fatyma is very beautiful Pakistani actress. She looks same like Kriti Sanon the film actress of Bollywood. Their face and their style is also same. When they smile we can not recognize she is Arij or Kriti. Arij Fatyma make her place in Pakistani dramas very quickly because of her innocent looking and great acting skills.
2- Mehwish Hayat and Nargis Fakhri:
Mehwish Hayat Look Alike
Mehwish Hayat also has her look alike in Bollywood. Nargis Fakhri is the actress who looks like Mehwish Hayat. Mehwish Hayat is an amazing actress of Pakistani dramas and also films and the interesting thing about her is that she is an amazing dancer.
3- Sana Javed And Sharadha Kapoor:
Sana Javed Look Alike
Sana Javed is the very pretty and lovely actress of Pakistani Industry. She also has her look alike in Bollywood As she looks like Sharadha Kapoor the very famous actress of India. Sana Javed is very talented actress she gets too much popularity from "Pyare Afzal" drama.
4- Sanam Baloch And Anushka Sharma:
Sanam Baloch Look Alike
The most pretty lady of Pakistani actress Sanam Baloch also has her look alike in Bollywood as she looks like the most famous Indian Celebrity Anushka Sharma. Sanam Baloch is an amazing and very talented actress and host. She host the morning Shoe on ARY News channel.
5- Javeria Abbasi And Sunakshi Senha:
Javeria Abbasi Look AlikeJaveria Abbasi is very amazing actress of Pakistani industry. She looks similar like the amazing Indian celebrity Sunakshi Sinha. Their smile and their style is also same. Javeria Abbasi makes lot of name in past but now we can see her in some dramas she has done many great dramas in beginning of her future.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hum Tv Drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai Cast And OST Songs

zindagi gulzar hai
Zindagi Gulzar Hai is the most amazing and fabulous drama serial of Pakistan. It was on aired on Hum TV. Hum TV always produced very interesting drama serials. Zindagi Gulzar Hai gets too much fame and popularity in all over the world. It is the drama which we want to see again and again because the story is very lovely and interesting. Kashaf And Zaroon are very interesting characters in this drama serial. Kashaf is a girl who belongs to a middle class family and always disturbed accuse of her house issues and Zaroon is a boy who belongs to high class family and happy with his life style. They study in the same university and opponents of each other but at last zaroon realized he is in love with her but it is very difficult for him to say this to Kashaf then what happens for see you must see the drama serial. This drama is not only favorite in Pakistan it is a favorite drama of Indians people.
Zindagi Gulzar Hain Drama Cast:
~ Fawad Khan As Zaroon Junaid
~ Sanam Saeed As Kashaf Murtaza
~ Ayesha Omer As Sara Junaid
~ Sheheryar Munawar As Usama
~ Mehreen Raheel As Asmara Tariq
~ Samina Peerzada As Kashaf's mother
~ Waseem Abbas As Kashaf's Father Murtaza
~ Javed Sheikh As Zaroon's Father Junaid
~ Hina Khawaja Bayat As Zaroon's Mother
~ Behroze Sabzwari As Sir Abrar
~ Mansha Pasha As Kashaf's Sister
~ Sana Sarfaraz As Kashaf's Sister
~ Maheen Rizvi As Maria Khan
Zindagi Gulzar Hai Drama Writer
~Umera Ahmed: The very amazing writer with a God gifted talent of writing is only Umera Ahmed. She wrote many amazing novels but Zindagi Gulzar Hain is just one of her most popular novel among readers and viewers of drama.
Zindagi Gulzar Hai Drama Producer
~Momina Duraid: The amazing and very talented producer Momina Duraid produced this amazing drama and she choose very suitable actors for their characters.
Zindagi Gulzar Hai Director
~Sultana Sidiqui: The one and only Sultana Sidiqui direct this amazing drama. She is very famous director. She is also a owner of Hum TV Channel. 
Zindagi Gulzar Hai Ost
there are two ost's of this drama serial. Both ost's are very fabolus one is sing by Ali Zafar and other is sing by Hadiqa Kiani.
The opening Theme of Drama

The Ending Theme Of Drama

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Momina Mustehsan Biography, Husband, Family Pictures And Top Songs

Momina Mustehsan
Momina Mustehsan Biography
Momina Mustehsan is the most beautiful girl who is viral on social media now a days because of her beauty. She is an amazing New York based Pakistani singer and song writer.She was born on 5 September 1992 so as in 2016 her age is about 24 years. She was born in Lahore to Huma Mustehsan who is a doctor and Kazim Mustehsan who is a Pakistani Retired Brigadier. She belongs to well educated family.She has two brothers the elder one is Hashim Mustehsan and the younger one is Haider Mustehsan. Momina Mustehsan was very brilliant student she did her A-Levels from Lahore Grammar School then she moved to New York with her family and continue her study from Stony Brook University. She gets the degree of Bio-Medical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.
She starts her music career with Farhan Saeed's single "Pee Jaoon" as she is the co singer of this song and the most amazing thing you did not know about her is that she also write this beautiful song. Then she record her first studio song "Saajna for Junoon band. Their is no doubt that she has amazing voice. Do you know Momina Mustehsan sing the song "Awaari" for Bollywood film "Ek Villain" because she was not famous that time but after coming in Coke Studio she become very famous and popular.
Momina Mustehsan gets popularity after coming in "Coke Studio". She gets a chance to sing with a great singer of Pakistan" Rahat Fateh Ali Khan" in this platform. As you know they sing "Afreen Afreen" together and sing very very well. Then she sing the amazing song along with Asim Azhar "Nawazishe Karam Meherbaniyan"and recently she sing song along with Junaid Khan "Main Rasta". It is also amazing song. You can listen the song by clicking the following video:
*Momina Mustehsan Family Picture
Momina Mustehsan Family Picture
As you know she belongs to an educated family as her mother is a doctor and her father is a retired Pakistani Army Brigadier . He is also recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz. Her both brothers are well educated as elder is a doctor and younger one is doing graduation in political Science.
*Momina Mustehsan's Husband
Momina Mustehsan's Husband
The very handsome Ali Naqvi and charming lady Momina Mustehsan gets engaged recently and they will gets marry soon. He lives is USA. He is a banker in California.
*Momina Mustehsan's Songs
1- Awaari
2- Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai
3- Pee Jaoon 
4- Saajna
5- Main Raasta
6- Afreen Afreen
7- Nawazishe Karam Meherbaniyan

Monday, 3 October 2016

Meesha Shafi BIO, Husband And List Of Hit Songs

Meesha Shafi
Meesha Shafi Biography

Meesha Shafi is the most beautiful and most talented actress, model and the most popular singer. She is such a multi talented lady who can do anything. She likes adventures in her life so she try her luck in many fields but the most comfortable and blessed field for her is only singing because she can sing very well. Meesha was born on 1 December 1981 so as in 2016 her age is 36 years. Meesha Shafi belongs to a Punjabi family as she was born in Lahore. She is the daughter of most popular TV actress "Saba Hameed". She gets her whole education from her city Lahore first she did her A-Levels from Lahore Grammar School then she goes in the field of Arts and become an artist. She did her graduation in Arts from National College Of Arts Lahore.
Meesha Shafi start acting when she was just 17 years old. She has no trouble in his career because her mother belongs to Pakistani Showbiz Industry so she did not face any difficulty to agree her parents for this. She first appear on screen as a model and wonder everyone because of her great modeling skills. In the year 2009 she becomes the Brand ambassador of Loreal  Paris. Then she appear in many commercials of different brands like Coca Cola, Fanta, Jazz and many more. 
She also has done acting in the beginning of her career as she appeared in "Muhabbat Khwab Ki Surat" on Hum TV in 2006. Then She appeared in The serial of GEO TV "Ye Zindagi To Wo Nahi" in 2007. Now we can see her in the drama serial "Mor Mahal" as a lead actress on Geo TV. She is a good actress but she is an amazing singer. She has done many films also she has appeared in Hollywood film and Bollywood film also. The very popular film of Bollywood "Bahag Milkha Bhag" include Meesha in the cast with many actors. After getting many good reactions she has appeared in the Bilal Lashari film Waar.
Meesha Shafi starts her music career with her husband with Band Overload but she left the band in 2011 and sing as a single singer. She is a heart beat of Coke Studio and get too mush fame from it. She appeared in the third season of Coke Studio with Arif Lohar and sing the "Jugni" Song and get a lot of popularity and fame after this song. After this she apperad in almost every season of Coke Studio and give it many super hit songs.
Meesha Shafi With Her Mother
Meesha Shafi Mother
The most popular actress "Saba Hameed" is the mother of beautiful lady "Meesha Shafi. She is an excellent actress and was the best actress of her time.
Meesha Shafi Husband and Child:
Meesha Shafi Husband And Kids
Meesha Shafi gets marry in 2008. She married to a musician Mahmood Rehman. He is very handsome and their couple is just perfect. She has two cute child one is girl and other is boy. They both are very cute as you can see them in picture.
Meesha Shafi Songs:
1- Chori Chori
2- Alif Allah
3- Dashte Tanhai
4- Ishq Aap Wi Awlaa
5- Sun We Balori
6- Jugni
7- Ae Rahe Haq K Shaheedo
8- Bholey Bhaley
9- Aya Lariye

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Heart Beat Of Coke Studio Top 5 Best Singers List

Coke Studio is the platform where many great singers exist. Many talented singers sing in this platform very brilliantly. But some of our singers are the heart beat of Coke Studio. Their names are under as follow:
1- Meesha Shafi
Meesha Shafi
Meesha Shafi is the great and very talented singer of Pakistani Music Industry. She is such a brilliant singer. Meesha Shafi is the daughter of very famous actress of Pakistani drama industry "Saba Hameed". You can see Meesha Shafi in every season of Coke Studio because the season is incomplete without her performance in it. She has done her job amazingly and won many awards for her voice.
2- Quratulain Balouch
Quratulain Balouch
Quratulain Balouch is the amazing singer of Pakistan. She become very popular just in two years. She also become famous from his amazing performances in Coke Studio. She is just incredibly amazing. The most popular song of her is "Sammi Meri Waar". She is also very pretty and her dressing sense is also very good.
 3- Atif Aslam
Atif Aslam
As you know the very talented and brilliant singer of Pakistan is one and only "Atif Aslam". He is also a heart beat of Coke studio as he gave many super hit songs to it. He is just an amazing singer and sing for many countries. He starts his career from band "Jal" but now he is number one singer of Pakistan. The most amazing qawali Atif Aslam sing in Coke Studio is one and only "Tajdar e Haram".
4- Sanam Marvi
Sanam Marvi
Sanam Marvi is the very famous sufi singer of Pakistan. She is also a heart beat of Coke studio as she sing in almost every season of this platform. She is amazing and awesome as her voice is too melodious and sweet.
 5- Sara Haider
Sara Haider
The amazing singer with great voice is one and only Sara Haider. You mostly See her as a supporting singer but you may don't   know she has a beautiful melodious voice and now she sing as a lead singer with the most popular male singer "Ali Zafar" in Coke Studio.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Top Five Pakistani Movies You Must Have To Watch

After many time Pakistan has make some new movies with awesome stories. Now its a time of revival of Pakistani Cinemas. Pakistani movies industry is now making many films and in other three or four years Pakistan will released many films with great script and awesome actors. As Pakistani actor and actresses are very talented and can do films very brilliantly. Pakistani actors and actresses are very famous in all over the world because of their good looks. Our drama actors are very brilliant they can do films and dramas at the same time. The most popular Pakistan film actors are Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, Danish Taimoor, Saba Qamar, Ayesha Omer and many  more. Here we are telling you about they top five films of Pakistan in 2015 So the list is under as follow:
1-  Bin Roye 
The most amazing film of Pakistani movies industry is one and only Bin Roye which was released in 2015. The lead actors of this film are Humayun Saeed and very pretty Mahira Khan. The story of this film is base on the novel "Bin Roye Ansoo". The people who watch this movie are just in love with this film so you must watch this film and promote Pakistani Cinemas rather than Indian movies.
2- Jawani Phir Nahi AniJawani Phir Nahi Ani
Jawani Phir Nahi Ani is the comedy plus romantic film of Pakistan. It is just an amazing film. The lead characters of this film is Humayun Saeed, Sohai Ali Abro, and Beautiful Mehwish Hayat. Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ayesha Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt, Uzma Khan, Wasey Chaudhry and Sarwat Gillani also play supporting actor role in this film. It is a comedy film you must laugh when you see this film.
3- Wrong No.
Wrong No
Wrong No. is also a Pakistani film which is produced by the amazing producer Yasir Nawaz. Danish Taimoor, Sohai Ali Abro and Janita Asma are the lead characters of this film. The main purpose of this film is to take laugh on the faces of People. It is also a comedy and romantic film you should watch this film as it is funny and awesome. 
 4- Karachi Se Lahore
Karachi Se lahore
Karachi Se lahore is also a very popular Pakistani film. The main roles in this film is played by Ayesha Omer and Shehzad Sheikh. They played their roles very well. The main purpose off this film is to make people laugh. There is also an item song in this film. In the song Ayesha Omer dance very well. It is also a brilliant film.
5- Manto: 
Manto is a film about the life of Saadat Hassan Manto who is the Afsana Nigar of Pakistan. He wrote romantic and social Afsanas and short stories which become very famous in his era. There are a lot of characters in this film i think so there is no actor who is not in this film. All famous and dumb actors work in this film. It is just an amazing movie.